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For 93 years the Beurer GmbH is market leader in the segment health and well-being. 
In the segment living Beurer offers heated underblankets, foot warmers, heating pads, a cuddle roll and heated overblankets as well as glass scales, Design-Line glass scales, diagnostic scales, personal scales, kitchen scales, air humidifiers and a weather station. Beurer medical has a full range of medical products, such as upper arm- and wrist blood pressure monitors, fever thermometers and nebulizers. The product segment therapy contains EMS / TENS stimulation units, mosquito bite healers, infrared lamps, foot or body massagers and shiatsu massage devices. The Beauty area contains manicure and pedicure devices, cosmetics mirrors and a facial sauna. Since 2012, a full range of beauty devices has been available in the ELLE by Beurer collection, including hair removal products, manicure/pedicure devices and facial care products. For jogging enthusiasts Beurer offers heart rate monitors, and running sensors as well as a weight management system called Beurer sports. 

Under the brand name Beurer, the company has been offering high-class products concerning weight, nutrition, diabetes, wellness, sports and lifestyle for many years now. Many Beurer products have been awarded, for example, the "Stiftung Warentest" (leading German consumer safety group), "Oeko Test" or Plus X Award for innovation, design and easy useage. For all its electric blankets, heating underblankets and washable heating pads, Beurer has been awarded the coveted Oeko-Tex certificate.

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